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Primary Care Psychologist
Cara I. Kimberg, Ph.D.

Expertise & Attentiveness
For all your child’s needs

So your child thrives
Physically, Psychologically,
Behaviorally, Emotionally,
Academically, Socially
& Within the Family

Before problems arise
As soon as problems arise
When problems need active,
Targeted treatment

Appointments: 617-354-6660
Parent Call-In: 781-645-7229
Mon, Wed, Thur. from 8:30-9:00 am


Consultation, Parent Guidance & Targeted Treatment

 Behavioral challenges & Tantrums
Eating * Sleeping * Toileting * Shyness
Developmental Delays & Disorders

Fear of Shots & Swabs
Medical Diagnoses: Adjustment & Coping
Headache & Pain* GI Distress & Conditions
Pill Swallowing * Tics * Tourette
Weight Management

ADHD: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning & Review
Learning Disorders, Problems & Styles
Review of Special Education Plans
Grade Readiness
Homework, Planning & Organization
School Risk Assessments
Separation & School Resistance
Social Problems & Bullying

In the Family
Adjusting to Change * Grief & Loss
Separation & Divorce
Family Members Distress
Siblings: Accepting, Adjusting &
 Dealing with Conflicts Trauma

And of course…Traditional Emotional Concerns
Anxiety * Panic * Phobias * OCD
 Body Image & Disordered Eating
Depression & Moodiness
Drug & Alcohol Misuse

All our Primary Care Psychologists are trained in CBT, Exposure Response Therapy & Biofeedback

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