How to access your provider


Our front staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM.

All other hours you will reach the answering service and the on-call provider will be paged with your message.

We are available in person for all well visits and sick visits.  In addition we continue to offer virtual visits and please see our virtual visit page for more details.

Doctor's Desk


Leave a message and receive a call back from your physician during weekday mornings to discuss symptoms or concerns regarding your child's health.  The morning call time should not be used for administrative requests, such as a need for referrals or billing concerns.

Call (617) - 547- 1995

Dr. Ballenger:  7:15-7:45am Mon-Thu

Dr. Epstein:  7:45-8:30am Mon-Fri

Dr. Gill:  7:45-8:30am Mon-Fri

Dr. Riney:  7:00-7:45am Mon-Fri

Dr. Teasdale:  7:30-8:30am Mon-Fri

Dr. Gall:  8:00-8:30am Mon-Fri

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On weekends and holidays patients are seen on an as-needed basis for urgent concerns; these visits are not booked in advance. Please call the office and leave a message for the on-call provider as early as possible on weekends to have your child seen.

One of our clinicians is always available and on-call for emergencies. However, you should call 911 if your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency.

Petri Dish


MyChart provides access to your electronic medical record.  You can see health information, download letters sent to you including the yearly health form, and, importantly, email your provider.  In those emails you can upload pictures or files as well.  MyChart is also needed for us to perform virtual visits.

Please remember, MyChart is not for urgent needs.  For any urgent matter please call the office.

To sign up for MyChart, please call the office and ask our front staff.

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Phone (617) 547-1995

Fax (617) 492-1118

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