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• We care for many patients with complex medical needs who see multiple specialists

• We understand that navigating that care can be challenging and it is our job to help coordinate that care

• As primary care providers, we serve as the central link to specialists, helping to interpret and coordinate the recommendations of those specialists

• As the medical team who knows you well, we keep your child and your family at the center of those recommendations

• We ensure to have direct communication with the speciality providers and to schedule family meetings with the family, patient, and all providers involved in your child’s care


• Medical home is a foundation we have used for quite some time at WCPAM in which all of our staff work hard to care for all of the medical needs of your child, from infancy through young childhood

• We spend time with our families in order to get to know each of you well, working to develop long term relationships with our patients

• Our patients have easy access to our providers, from morning call in times, to overnight emergency access, to care on weekends and holidays

• There are support groups for new moms and outreach to parents of children with certain medical needs

• Over the years, Medical Home has grown into a concept that reflects a certain nationally recognized quality of care. As members of the Pediatric Physicians Organization of Children (PPOC), we are working towards national recognition of our Medical Home concept by qualifying with the National Committee for Quality Assurance Patient-Centered Medical Home.


• At WCPAM all physician’s are board certified pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners

• We work hard to keep ourselves up-to-date on current medical knowledge and to practice evidence-based medicine

• We follow the guidance of the American Academy of Pediatrics on best practices in al realms of the medical care we provide for our patients

• The care you receive at WCPAM, while grounded in evidence-based medicine, will be tailored to your needs.

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